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high on life and more than a little love drunk,
our hiatus has reached an end

you've worn out my heart --
it keeps finding its way back into my throat
you've worn out my stomach --
the butterflies still refuse to leave

your kiss reminds me that I'm capable of falling in love
...all over again with you

I'm a work in progress,
but you?
you're an overlooked masterpiece

a man with a message,
you're making great time

the sinners have it easy,
it's the saints who do the work

I won't close you in and I won't cut you out
(please do me the same courtesy)

our love is so comfortable
...and this is how it's supposed to be.
I'm still trying to get rid of my writer's block. It's fading away slowly, and I'm taking advantage of that. :heart:
nesarcy Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2006
oooh, I'm glad that your writers block is fading away. It's rare you find someone who gets inspired to write when they're actually HAPPY. Sounds like lizzy's having a great time, which makes me happy.

I especially love the 4th and 6th verses. It makes me feel like you're feeling all warm and happy but a little bit overwhelmed and confused, and that's so inexplicably human that I can't help but feel for you.
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August 25, 2006
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